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Branded Apparel

We’re your one-stop shop for branded uniforms, custom branded clothing, t-shirts, hats, and more! Whether you need customized items for your next giveaway, uniforms for your employees, or t-shirts with your logo on them, we’ve got you covered.


**We have local decorators for screen printing and embroidery on all apparel items.


In the simplest of terms possible, embroidery is the art of using a needle to create decorative designs on fabric using thread and different kinds of stitches. Our local embroiderers are highly skilled and the best in the business. We can embroider on apparel, hats, accessories, bags, blankets and more. Standard production time on embroidery is 10-12 business days after your sew-out and estimate are approved.

Here’s how it works:

  • A design is scanned and loaded onto a computer.
  • A frame is pressed around the imprint area and fabric is placed underneath the needle on the machine.
  • A mechanized needle rapidly stitches across the material. Each thread color is stitched individually until the full design is completed.
  • Excess thread is snipped off by a technician, leaving a raised and textured look for the design.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is widely considered the most popular method of printing. Screen printing is the process of using thick inks to print graphics on top of fabrics. Screen printing can create a picture or pattern by forcing ink on to a surface through a screen of fine material. Our printers can print up to 10 spot colors on a single location of a t-shirt. The more ink colors in your design, the higher the cost of the shirt. The more shirts you order, the lower the cost of the shirt per piece. Standard production time on screen printed apparel is 10 business days after your proof and estimate are approved.

Here’s how it works:

  • The screen is prepared by being stretched out and secured with a wooden frame. It is then covered with a layer of emulsion, which will keep the ink from seeping through. 
  • The color palette is mixed and finalized in the screen printing machine.
  • The shirt/fabric is stretched across a board. Once the screen is lowered above the shirt, the custom ink mixture is poured and a squeegee rapidly moves back and forth to spread the ink across the shirt. As the shirt soaks up the ink, the design begins to appear.
  • Depending on how many colors are required, the shirt will go through this process a few different times until the design is completed.
  • The shirt goes through a dryer so that the colors don’t bleed.

Heat Transfer

Our local decorator is able to make your design come to life with a full color heat transfer. This decoration method doesn’t require any screen charges but does tend to have a higher cost since this isn’t an automated machine and they are pressed on individually. This is priced by the type of shirt, the quantity you order, and the size of the design. The process of heat transfer decoration uses high pressure and heat to attach images onto the fabric.